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TIENetwork Conference

We are excited to host another gathering as #DisuptersUnite for the fourth annual Trauma Informed Educators Network Conference on June 22-23, 2023 for only $299!! #TIENetwork2023 is bringing back the opportunity to learn and connect virtually. We decided to go virtual again this year to provide an opportunity for our international members to participate and share their expertise. We also surveyed the 31,000+ members of the TIENetwork social media group who overwhelmingly asked for the conference to be virtual. Our goal is to host the event in person every other year so we will be back in person in 2024!


This conference continues to be small by design and will connect participants through interactive sessions and networking "home groups." Not only will participants leave with new ideas, strategies, and learning, but they will also widen their network of connections to others doing the work.

All sessions will be recorded, and all participants will be given viewing access after the conference! This is one of the many opportunities for hosting our conference virtually this year. You will not miss any content!

We are excited to partner with HelpMe for K-12 students to bring you this year's conference.

HelpMe Delivers on a highly configurable mobile platform and provides support and resources to students, families, and staff using a healing-centered interface. The HELPme app trains all school users on the importance of asking for help, recognizing asking for help as a critical life skill, and providing a safe way to practice asking for and receiving help from one’s first interaction with the school.

HELPme Provides 3 Ways to HELP based on the user’s level of comfort.

  1. Self-Help: Get Resources

  2. Help from a Trained Crisis Counselor: Crisis Text Line

  3. Help from your School or Community: Get Help

TIENetwork is also determined to give back to the trauma-informed movement so we will be donating a part of our proceeds to PACEs Connection. PACEs Connection is a human and digital catalyst that unites the people, organizations, systems, and communities in the worldwide PACEs movement. They are the primary information exchange and resource and support for hundreds of local, state, and national ACEs initiatives.

**Please Note: Will we accept registration refund requests until June 1, 2023. All Eventbrite fees will be deducted from all cancelations.

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