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Joe Brummer


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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"Out there beyond the ideas of righting and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there."


Specialty Areas:  Facilitating Professional Learning , Keynote, Coaching, Restorative Practices

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My Story

Joe Brummer is a trauma-survivor having lived through early exposure to violence, child abuse and neglect, and 2 separate violent anti-LGBTQ hate crimes a decade apart. Joe has turned his healing journey into a career in peacebuilding, restorative justice, and consulting in trauma-informed education. After years of working in the mental health training field, nonprofits, and community mediation, Joe started his consulting business in January 2015. He currently supports schools and youth justice institutions internationally in using a trauma-informed restorative lens to create supportive human centered environments. He spent 4 years as the associate director of a community mediation center which ran criminal mediation programs, school base peer mediation programs, and community dialogue initiatives. He has trained 100s of people to become mediators. He served for 7 years on the board of directors for the National Association for Community Mediation. He has appeared on dozens of podcasts, webinars, and presented at national conferences. Most recently, Joe offered the closing Keynote at the 2022 Restorative Justice in Education Conference at Eastern Mennonite University. He serves as adjunct faculty at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace teaching the course, IP-610: Peacebuilding Skills: Dialogue, Trauma & Restorative Justice. His book, Building in Trauma-informed Restorative School: Skills and Approaches for Improving Culture and Behavior (December 2020 Jessica Kingsley Publishers) is being used by schools across the globe and is available for purchase in 5 countries. Currently, Joe is working toward his certification in the Neurosequential Model in Education, and he is a member of the Attachment and Trauma Network’s Training Collaborative.

Speaking Engagements


  • Trauma-informed Restorative Justice in Education 

  • Restorative Justice in Education Conference at Eastern Mennonite University

  • Building a Trauma-informed Restorative School

  • Trauma Informed Educators Network Conference: Shifting Paradigms

  • YN Restorative Discipline 101 Northern Wisconsin Trauma Conference 

  • Trauma-informed to Trauma-Responsive: 5 Things I have Learned About Shifting Theory to Practice



  • Trauma-Informed Practices Conference for School Champions

  • Building a Trauma-informed Restorative School

  • Relational Schools Conference. Virtual An Integrated Approach to Trauma-informed Restorative Practices. (February 2019, February 2020. February 2021, 2022)



  • Annual Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference

  • Beyond Suspension Rates: Using Evaluation to Improve Whole School Restorative Practices Training and Implementation

  • International Conference on Restorative Practices

  • Creating Trauma-informed Restorative Cultures in Schools

  • Restorative Practices & Transformative Justice: Challenges and Possibilities

  • A Hybrid Approach to Trauma-informed Restorative Practices



  • First Annual Creating Trauma-sensitive Schools Conference. Washington, DC. Beyond RJ in a Box: A Hybrid Approach to School-wide Restorative Practices

  • 6th Annual Nation Association of Community & Restorative Justice Conference. Oakland, CA. Trauma-informed Restorative Dialogue



  • Suffolk University, Center for Restorative Justice. Boston, MA. Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

  • Annual International Leadership Training Programme: A Global Intergenerational Forum sponsored by the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. Storrs, Connecticut. How Mediation and Restorative Justice Principles Can Help Your JRB Improve Outcomes for Youth

  • 2nd Annual Local Interagency Service Teams Statewide Conference

  • Community Mediation and Policing

  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 2012 Annual Conference

  • Secrets of a Successful Workshop: Design & Delivery

  • Association of Conflict Resolution, New England Chapter 2012 Summer Institute. Quinnipiac University School of Law

  • A Role for Mediation

  • Seventh John A. Speziale Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium: Achieving the Goals of Criminal Justice. Quinnipiac University School of Law

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