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Coaching & Learning Collaboratives


Engage in a process where you will share desires, create goals and explore challenging issues with a group of individuals with common interests and desires to begin, develop, or advance the internal trauma-informed work.

The structure is open and the outcome will be something as powerful as creating an affirmation or an image of what it will look and feel like when you achieve your goal.

Each group is different.


The group will set the ground rules to keep the space safe and comfortable for all.


Examples of common ground rules are...


Open Dialogue

No Cell Phones During the Session

Judgement-Free Zone

Respect for One Another

Taking Turns Speaking

Learning Collaboratives

We are a network focusing on bringing people together to learn, connect, and innovate.  We are excited to launch virtual learning cohorts and collaboratives covering specific focus areas for a specified group of professionals.  These cohorts meet either weekly or weekly for six to nine weeks.  

Our facilitators will develop interactive and engaging sessions that not only share specific content but, more importantly, facilitate conversation and problem-solving brought to the collaborative by its members.

 Some of the considered topics we will launch are:

  • School Leadership:  Developing a Trauma-Informed School Culture

  • Educators:  Cultivating a Trauma-Informed Classroom

  • You’re Getting on My Nerves!  A Deep Dive into Trauma Science

  • I Understand Trauma Science, Now What?

  • Disrupters Unite, Let’s Innovate!

  • Historical Trauma in Education - A Transparent Look at the Past

  • How will we Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline?

Cost per session will vary depending on the learning collaborative's length and the content's depth.  

If you have ideas or would be interested in leading a learning collaborative, please fill out the form below:

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