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Keynote Speaking

With thousands of hours of experience, our team uses an engaging style of presentation filled with stories, research, and motivation for all participants.  Our experience as an educators, principals, and practitioners has built a cadre of experiences that all participants can and will connect to no matter their role or experience.


We focus our keynotes on specific practices, motivation, and being a voice for all kids.  We can customize his engagements to the needs of any audience or participants.    


Sample Keynote Topics

  • From What to Why:  A Trauma-Informed Approach

  • Paradigm Shift:  Compliance to Connection

  • The Opportunity Gap:  Opportunity In Disruption

  • A Trauma-Informed School's Journey

  • In the Midst of Opportunity (COVID):  Shifting to Becoming Trauma-Informed

  • Creating a Trauma-Informed Culture:  Support the Adults

  • Trauma-Informed Workplaces:  A Paradigm Shift 

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